Yes I Did!

I stood in line at the apple store from roughly 5 am until about 1:30 for the new iPhone 4. I thought that by the time I got mine the iPhone 5 would be out. That’s what I get for not reserving. What in the hell possessed me to do that?? It had to be none other than the spirit of Apple.

Photo by Jeff Robert

First Feelings…

I am getting back to the firsts…the first time experiences. The first time opening a present, those feelings…the good ones. That excitement and desire to have more, want more and be more. Going back to that first feeling of happiness and reward. Hold on to it and don’t let it go…remain fresh. Restore…restoration…it’s making sense why I am doing this now.

I know its just an iphone video of myself, but I learned a lesson. Gosh! =)

I Am An Apple Addict!


via Design Blog
Keyboard is one of the most integral part of a PC or a notebook and designers are working round the clock with new ideas to make it more user-friendly and hi-tech. Encouraged by the response that the Eee Keyboard PC by Asus – the 21st Century Commodore 64 with side-touchscreen instead of function keys – received at the CES, the Apple Keyboard Concept is yet another accessory for die-hard Apple fans that will allow users to dock and revitalize their iPhone/ iPod through computer. The Apple Keyboard will possibly allow the users to connect their iPhone and use the screen as a control surface while displaying the buttons and small apps, quite similar to the Asus Eee Keyboard.