We Are All Social Creatures…

Life is so funny. I was literally at a place where I had been rejected by every agency and I told my friend that I didn’t think the “modeling thing” was for me. I was about to quit my dream and do something practical. My back up plan…a career as a graphic designer, full time and no BS. Thank God for being a friend and an answer to my prayers.

Shortly after I stopped trying to do things my way and allowed God to take over. I got an agency, then comes my commercial. LOOK AT GOD! There is beauty in the struggle. It made everything worth it. It’s not over by a long shot, but it fueled my fire. I got to eat my commercial principal sandwich! I am grateful because I could still be in that place trying to figure out what to do with my life. I am grateful for all my supportive friends who push me to be better when I want to give up.

An older gentlemen, who is an actor, gave me some great advice. He told me to know that what’s meant to happen will happen. Don’t fret about parts or roles that you don’t get because those weren’t for you. What God has for you is for you. 😉

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We Are All Social Creatures

Best Night…

I’d been on set all day for a commercial shoot. I’d planned to attend the Janelle Monae concert for Social Media Week at Club Nokia. I had my tickets, but didn’t think I would make it because of work. I was able to get off in time, but my day went to crap and I wasn’t going to go.

I discovered one of my fav models, Nikia Phoenix would be there, so I talked myself out of a slump. I had my ticket, so I asked her to hang with me since my brother wasn’t able to attend. I was Mrs Solo Dolo.  She was totally down. I rushed over and had the time of my life. I’m so glad I didn’t allow my circumstance to ruin my opportunity. I planned to go in my apartment and try to sleep away the evening. had I done that, I would have missed A. An amazing concert and B. a chance to hang out with an amazing person.

I had an amazing time, she was so welcoming to me and as you can see, she’s radiant. I don’t know how to describe it; she’s one of those people that brightens up a room and I definitely needed that energy in that moment.






I had a full team of awesome people who made this shot happen. Scott Herbert and the dream team(Makeup by Drini, Wardrobe by Tiffany Lavonne) came together for Dr. Kari Williams to update her hair portfolio. See! Natural hair isn’t a bad thing, its been quite beneficial for me. Desert shoot + hormonal issues, but we still got the shot and that’s what’s important. The client was happy. 🙂