The Beginning of An Explanation

I moved to LA to start my life over…or better yet start my life. I’ve spent the majority of my life being a people pleaser. I accomplished goals that would allow others in my life to be happy, but often put my goals aside. I took care of my family until death, I do not regret doing so, but I AM NOT A ROBOT.

For once I wanted to uninhibitedly go forth with MY desires and MY dreams. This hasn’t been easy nor was I expectant of ease into the life I crave and feel I am destined for.

I have had days where I don’t know where money will come from to eat, let alone bill payment…but God always provides. It’s simple things like a meal that reminds me that I can make it. My friends who help, even if it’s just an encouraging word or their time give me strength.

I am not perfect. I am making many mistakes. I’m closing doors and opening them, but I’m learning. I struggle to keep my confidence, to believe when I feel there is so many reasons I shouldn’t. I fight for my place in this city everyday and I grow weary, but most importantly I keep fighting.