I Never Really…


I never really spoke about how important these photographs are to me. Not just because of the pivotal moment of graduating from college, but how important the people were in my life. My mother always heavily supported my education and was the only reason I was there. I was going to drop out, everyone including the teachers were saying take off.  I was just fed up with trying and everything in my life was wrong.  Even though she was sick and dying, she expressed to me how proud of me she was and how she wanted me to finish. I made it my mission to make sure that she saw this day. She died October 25, 2010, five months later.

My uncle, a man who had lived in New York, served in the military, and spoke several languages was an inspiration. Knowing that despite the odds, he lived a pretty successful life. He taught me to venture out and dream. He died a week after my mom.

Both of these photos are the last photos I ever took with them.  I can look back at these images and remember them happy because of my accomplishment. That feels damn good. 2010 was a horrible year and I thought the stress along would have killed me. Life still isn’t a crystal stair, but if I survived all that happened in 2010… I just may be able to make it in this world.




If it was for this man’s product I would have never even continued my pursuit in Graphic Design. I type this while on my Macbook. I am seriously hurt by this, I may shed a tear.

My Condolences…

to the family of Amy Winehouse. The death of a loved one is never easy whether you have prepared yourself for it or it’s sudden. Amy Winehouse was a very talented artist. She is definitely respected by me. The richness of her voice and the depth of her lyrics will always be a staple of my musical progression. I hate to see someone only 3 years my senior pass away, but age does not depict experience. Though, she was young in age her music depicted a much older and wiser women, one who had lived far and beyond 27 years. May she rest in peace.