Words in the wind

It sounded like the wind in my ear. It said my name in an airy tone. It spoke to me not once, but twice. I turned to the person standing next to me; he gave a friendly smile but didn’t seem to have called for my attention. I became a very attentive listener, waiting for the call yet again. I know I heard my name twice, but the words that came afterwords are what I missed.

In the mist of the mental chaos I missed a word…a word that was significant and exclusive to me. I want that moment back, but the time has passed.

I can only open my ears, sit in the silence, and wait to hear that mysterious, airy voice again.

I Am An Apple Addict!


via Design Blog
Keyboard is one of the most integral part of a PC or a notebook and designers are working round the clock with new ideas to make it more user-friendly and hi-tech. Encouraged by the response that the Eee Keyboard PC by Asus – the 21st Century Commodore 64 with side-touchscreen instead of function keys – received at the CES, the Apple Keyboard Concept is yet another accessory for die-hard Apple fans that will allow users to dock and revitalize their iPhone/ iPod through computer. The Apple Keyboard will possibly allow the users to connect their iPhone and use the screen as a control surface while displaying the buttons and small apps, quite similar to the Asus Eee Keyboard.


Luke Chueh






Born in Philadelphia, but raised in Fresno, Luke Chueh (pronounced CHU) studied graphic design at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obipso where he earned a BS in Art & Design (Graphic Design concentration). He was employed by the Ernie Ball Company, working in-house as designer/illustrator where he created several award winning designs and was featured in the design annuals of Communication Arts and Print Magazine. Meanwhile, he also created, produced, wrote, designed, edited and published “E.X.P.”, a ‘zine dedicated to the “Intelligent Dance Music (IDM)” genre.


Francoise Nielly

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Françoise Nielly is a passionate woman who loves life, wide open spaces, sushi, blue lagoons, the Internet, humor, books, Paris, New-york and Vancouver. Resolutely inscribed in her epoch, she is an accomplished artist ; 20 years of artistic expression explain the maturity of her work and the perfect mastery of her art. 

She lives and paints in Paris near Montmartre; shows and sells her work in Europe, in Canada and in the United States.

What Makes Us Stray?


As a child I was big into fashion. I loved designing clothes for Barbie as well, as well as designing for myself. I would customize my shoes as well as my clothes. Just like the picture above, I would take magazines and ads and cut them out and call it a wishlist. It was all the things I wanted to have or desired. After a while, I stop doing it; I would say after highschool.

I went into college with the attitude of becoming a doctor. That was my mindset, that was what I aspired to be. It was about the money, it was always about the money. I convinced myself that I really wanted to do this and I didn’t. I found biology to be boring and I doodled in my classes. I was an artist at heart…am an artist at heart. I slowly have found my way back in some sense. Graphic design and occasional modeling allow me to be near the fashion world.  

My point is what caused the deviation in the first place? If the art is a part of me why would I leave it?  That question is relative to a lot of things in life.  Why do we stray away from God when he is a part of us? Why do we stray from each other?  Is it that we in fact don’t really have that desire? Is it that we have blinded our minds and lost sight of our dreams and goals? Ah, but what makes up come back?

I am still a bit on the fence with this. Why do you think we stray from the things we love or that are apart of us?