I have been following Jaiden’s career for a couple of years now. He is an awesome vocalist. An amazingly gifted songwriter and musician, just an all around cool guy.  Here is one of my favorite performances by him. It’s the passion that attracts me…

Also here is a link to his myspace and twitter page where you can learn more about him and hear more music. =)

Natural Hair

So, about a year ago I made the decision to go natural, meaning no longer putting perm in my hair. This is the second time I have done it and I am pleased with my decision.

My hair is growing and right now I am feeling kinda rock starish. Hee hee… I am really interested in revamping my image and bringing myself out of my cocoon. Life has been such a journey and natural hair has made it even more so.

I am so much more confident and happier with my self image. I get alot of negative responses but also I get praise for my decision. I wonder why it’s such a big deal about being natural versus being permed. Blahh…

I never spoke about my hair in my blog, so I thought why not now? I am posting a photo of me as I am now. 🙂 Loving myself fully…

A designer’s life

People don’t seem to understand what artists go through or how much effort and time goes into a piece of art. It’s thought to be easy and a slackers choice of study. People couldn’t be more wrong.

Here is a snapshot of the drafting table at school while I was pulling an all nighter. I repeatedly reprinted that teabox and changed it and refined for hours. I came in there at 1 and left at 1am in the morning.

Twelve hours non stop. I worked through aches, I worked though sickness, I worked even when I went home. I continued to work in class the next day. It became my obsession and if I could have continued I would still be working on it now.

A Life Thought

Take the lessons, memories, and moments that made you a better person…those lessons that you learned from those who were only seasons in your life…take those lessons and keep them. Hold tight and apply them to the roots in your life…the people who will be there forever. They deserve your all. Let everything in life be a learning experience whether good or bad…learn from it and incoporate it into your life.