Back At It…

Ok, here we go again. School is back in for the fall. I have officially been going to school year round since I also went this summer. I feel that this semester will be a challenge for me, but I am excited and full of ideas. That is a good thing. It has only begun and I have already had the week from hell. From, several nearly fatal accidents to just stupid people doing and saying stupid things… I just want to achieve my goals. That’s all.

I am going to keep going and keep fighting. There has got to be more to life than this. My fate cannot be the fate of those before me. I have made the decision to change it (with the help of God of course.) Heart hurts…I understand that it is just growing pains. Lots and lots of growth and change, I welcome it.

I am more interested in self and less…you. What I mean by that is I am asking myself what do I truly want from this one life I have to live. Once it’s over…it’s over. I realize that I am truly alone in this fight, this struggle for the betterment of self. Of course, those who truly care about me will offer assistance but at the end of the day it is I who must make the change.

I feel that all the signs are before me and the path is laid out. I have taken one step forward and I must now plunge into the pools of my new life. The changes are happening whether I agree with them or not.  Renewal of self can be refreshing. Do things that you truly love and do not compromise for others. Be you truly…

I have begun this journey with my nails and playing with my hair. Just expressing myself as an artist. I have also started back modeling. I love fashion and I am definitely going back to trend setting. I like to challenge my nail artist by giving her different patterns to create. This week…leopard spots or cheetah. Fun!

Photo 1

Photo 2

The Noisettes!!

The Noisettes are a London based, three piece band. They have been together for over 3 years with Dan Smith on Lead Guiter/Vocals, Shingai Shoniwa on Vocals/Bass Guiter and Jamie Morrison on Drums.

Here are a few quotes from the press.

The Guardian:

“Shingai Shoniwa, one of the great front women of our time, her voice jittery then seductive, taunting, then softy beautiful”

The Sun:
“their fantastic live shows have played a huge part in Noisettes rise.  They play with passion, charm, honesty and complete lack of pretense.  And above all they’re thrilling”

“the new breed of cool kids in town; a sexy soulful racket thats a whole lot of fun”

“..thankfully there’s something so prickly, unpredictable and just plain different about this debut album that it finally makes the combination

via The Noisettes

I wonder…

if I could fast forward life would I rewind? Would I really want to fast forward life since it is so short anyways? Yet and still, I wonder how the decisions that I am currently making will affect those who are in my present.