Ten Things I Learned In 2009

1. Trust God you will always need Him.
2. People will always let you down, take charge of your life and don’t be dependent.
3. People will push you beyond your limit and more if you allow them.
4. Know your limits so that #3 won’t occur.
5. Smile…it really makes you feel better.
6. Learn to let go, stressing will kill you. It’s probably not that deep anyway.
7. Sometimes differences really are irreconcilable.
8. Be yourself in all situations so that people aren’t denied the right to truly accept or reject you.
9. Do your best, don’t slack like I did. You will suffer for it.
10. Learn to seperate your emotions from your goals and business. Allow no one and nothing to distract you from your dreams.

It’s Never Too Late…

to learn a life lesson. Though it may feel like it’s something that you should have learned years ago. There is always time for growth and development. Through the pain there is growth, those growing pains. As human beings we must grow and be better until we are at our best. I don’t want to leave this earth without knowing without a shadow of a doubt that I did my best. My best to love, my best to help, my best to be…

Some situations in life can feel like your last, can just hurt so bad. This year has been one of those years, filled with hurt, pain, disappointment, self- doubt and inconsistency. I am still alive, meaning my life still has purpose. No matter how hard that purpose is to find, I will continue to search. The worst it gets must mean that I am getting closer. It’s on the other side of the mountain.


I really don’t know. Maybe by the time I turn 30 I will have it all figured out. What I do know is that this evolution, this growth process…is much harder than I expected. Maybe its a good thing that the ish hit the fan. You know, just get everything out in the open. You just have this idea…your life all planned out. High school to college to a career to a family. Things don’t always work out on our timeline, when we expect it. Sometimes situations force us into changes that we need to get to the point we want to be. A thick skin is required to make it, the tests, the trials will only make me stronger, right? They either will make me stronger or take me out the game…

Quick Realization

There is only six things I love: God, Family, Friends, Music, Art, And Fashion. The last three in my mind go hand and hand. That is my focus, those are things that make me who I am and influence me .

From this point on my goal is to do more me… By more me, I mean more music, art, and  fashion. I really don’t care about much else and that’s what I want to be apart of my life for however long its longevity. I will relocate to where I can best express myself through these expressions.

I have a tendency to allow things and people to sometimes distract me. There ability to distract me says that I wasn’t interested to begin with. For example my history class, ugh. Everything in the world seems to be more important (including blogging instead of studying) for this class. No more…time for a change. My motto is when the growth stops…its time to move on. Traveling to an end to start a new beginning.

Change is exciting especially when it’s toward a greater good for yourself and others that are influenced by you. Y0u do know that you influence others, right?

A Piece of Me To You

I love to give random people a part of me.

People that I have just met,

people whom I may never see again.

It’s my way of leaving a legacy.

Each person becomes a diary;

I will share a secret with you.

A stranger in the park, a schoolmate,

a new chat buddy…I just do as I feel.

One day those people will meet,

one day they will know who I am.

Together they will make me whole.

They will put the pieces together…mosaic…

I will be complete.