Well… It’s That Time…

It’s time for my recap of my life in the last year. It started off really bad…I mean really bad, but it progressed to being a pretty amazing year. From my travels with the leeches and removing them from my life to being on stage at the VMAs and seeing every celebrity I ever wanted to watch perform in that one night. It was awesome! I worked a terrible job, and then I worked an amazing job! I have grown so much and met so many amazingly talented people.

The most important thing I have learned is to trust your gut. It is never wrong and for me that gut feeling is God. I know that is often said and you probably will never take that advice until your gut is all you have to trust. I truly became independent.

Honestly, anyone who knew me a year ago, would you believe that this is my life now? I mean I am a fan of some of the people I get to meet on a regular. Who would have thought that I would have left my small town and moved 2050 miles away from home on a dream and a hunch? I am blown away by my personally accomplishments this year and I wont next year to be even greater. The year isn’t quite over yet. I still have one more day to make an impact on someone’s life. Are you happy with your accomplishments for 2011?