The Darkness…

I have been catching up on one of my favorite shows, Dexter. Season 6, episode 6 is called “Let it Go.” Not to be a spoiler if you haven’t seen it, but it dealt with forgiveness. Dexter was angry about the shooting of Brother Sam, but in his final breath Brother Sam told Dexter to forgive the guy and not kill him. Of course, this isn’t something that is easy for Dexter at all. Brother Sam was encouraging him to not let the darkness take over.

Which brings me to my thoughts for this blog, there is darkness inside all of us, especially when we don’t forgive others. If we hold on to hate and vengefulness towards someone we allow the darkness to control us. Dexter isn’t a terrible person; he kills “bad people.” What is terrible is that Dexter can’t let go and forgive. Like Dexter, I struggle with this as well. I pray about it, but it is my struggle. So there is that darkness trying to cover my light.

I want to get to a point where I can say I forgive you and most of the people I haven’t forgiven are pretty aware of my feelings towards them because I have cut them off. At least two of you I would love to break your jaw (the darkness speaking). My list is short, but still it shouldn’t exist. Carrying resentment isn’t healthy and most of the time the people who you feel it towards could care less. They are probably making someone else miserable or just maybe they are a better person now. Regardless, you have to make sure that you are aligned with God and dwelling with the darkness won’t allow that.