Birthday Awesomeness

My birthday was awesome thanks to some good friends in LA. I thought it was going to be horrible because my family is in AL. I was wrong; it was great! I drank too much, but with that came truth…so much truth. Well, here are a couple of photos. 🙂





Do You?

Do you think of me still? Now that I am far, far away in distance, am I far, far away in thoughts? Am I a distant memory? Am I even remembered? Would you recognize me if you saw me? I wonder, I wonder.

Twelve days from 25, and 11 days from Mother’s Day. I no longer get to celebrate. God won that battle. You never win a battle against God only with God. Though my heart aches for her, there’s a slight tingle in my heart for you. I wonder if you know? I’m glad that we have linked up, she would love you.